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Introducing GROKY-INU, the revolutionary next-level evolution in AI dog companions that's set to dominate the crypto meme space. With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, GROKY-INU not only provides unconditional love and companionship but also boasts a deep understanding of the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies and memes.

Whether you're navigating the complex world of blockchain or simply seeking a loyal and meme-savvy furry friend, GROKY-INU is here to be your trusted companion. Get ready to embark on a new era of AI-powered canine companionship as GROKY-INU takes the crypto meme space by storm, bringing joy, humor, and expertise to crypto enthusiasts worldwide.


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Learn about the growth process

Phase 1

– Website Creation

– Contract Creation

– Telegram Marketing.

Phase 2

– Building Communities

– Token Launch

– First Markting Push

Phase 3

– Coinlisting Sites

– Exposure Marketing

– More Calls

Phase 4

– CMC Apply

– CG Apply

– More Marketing

Phase 5:

– Staking Environment

– Contract Audit

– CMC Listing

Note: The duration of each phase and the specific milestones may vary based on the project’s complexity and external factors. It’s essential to adapt the roadmap to real-world circumstances while maintaining the project’s core vision and goals.

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